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Siemens (Germany)
Synel (Israel)
Rosslare (Israel)
Nitgen (Korea)
Системы видеонаблюдения

Автоматические системы контроля

Биометрические системы

Охранные сигнализации Siemens, Rosslare

Контроллеры СКУД

Системы учета рабочего времени и технологических операций

Биометрические считыватели

Считыватели проксимити и магнитных карт

RFID технология

Технология Smart карт


Карты доступа


Дверные замки, задвижки, щеколды

Програмное обеспечение


About company

The main directions of "Forward Security Systems, Ltd."activity:
  - development and configaration of Access Control Systems, Time & Attendance Control Systems, Shop-Floor Accounting Control, Biometric Identification Systems, Identification Systems of transport, containers, cargoes and also Systems of Professional Video Surveillance for large industrial establishments, banks, airports, customs and storage terminals, state departments, offices, supermarkets etc.
  - delivery, arrangement, adjustment, after-sales service and technical support of supplied equipment,
  - developing of Software for Access Control Systems,
  - Software and Hardware integration of the different producer's equipment,
  - engineering and production of Access Control system's controlers, of data converters for various interfaces.
"Forward Security Systems, Ltd." is the official dealer of "Panasonic" company and is authorized by "Panasonic" on development of the projects on introduction of biometric systems of recognition of the person on the iridescent shell of an eye, has the license of the company "Panasonic" on development of the software for Iris cameras (BM-ET500, BM-ET330, BM-ET120US) and integration of these cameras in existing monitoring systems and managements of access. "Forward Security Systems, Ltd." is the authorized distributor of companies "Synel Industries, Ltd."(Israel), "Hundure Technology Co., LTD."(Taiwan), )"Evermedia Co., Ltd.", "Palmaco Ind.Co., Ltd."(Korea), "On Track Innovations, Ltd."(Israel), "NitgenCo., Ltd." (Korea), "IDmicro Inc." (USA), the partner of "Siemens", "Sun" companies. "Forward Security System" provides complex solutions of door access control, time&attendance control, automatic identification of transport and cargoes with the usage of biometric fingerprint readers, magnetic, proximity readers, smart card readers, RFID tag readers, software of Falcon, Falcon PRO, Time LOG, Time LOG PRO, SY-Server, SiPass, Bio FTM, HMS, Access Server, Remote Monitor, Remote Manager, Xsphare etc.
"Forward Security System, Ltd." has a partnership with Research and Development institute "Voschod" and participates in biometic identification technology advancement for the project of implementation of new biometric passports in Russian Federation.
"Forward Security System, Ltd." forms part of "Rucard" group of companies and is engaged in working out programmes concerned with use of smart card in different applications (payment systems, transport, refuelling, electronic purse, electronic tickets, cards of loyalty, biometric identity cards, electronic certifications, electronic digital signature etc.)
Quality and reliability:
Our company works directly with famous supplier firms providing with the equipment of Access Control System and Video Surveillance.We are the direct importers of proposed equipment, the trained specialists of our company passed the probation in the supplier firms. All offered equipment undergoes a quality examination by experts of manufactured factory. Our specialists run a full testing of equipment before sale in order to prevent a lot of troubles during putting the systems into service and to guarantee an irreproachable functioning of equipment over a long time.
For our customers:
We are ready to solve the problems concerned with devloping and configurating of multilevel systems of Access Control and Video Surveillance, with adjusting the equipment and software, with creating a supplementary Software by "Client" order, with integrating the eqipment of different producers, with training the staff, with intermediate maintenance of installed systems.
We invite the dealers and are interested in cooperation with companies realising installation of security and fire-fighting equipment, construction firms. We'll train your spcialists and grant the certificate.

About "Synel Industries, Ltd." company:
An Israel firm "Synel" was founded in 1985 on the basis of companies "Sintel", "Linear" and "Lior" occupied with engeneering and producing the system of Access Control and Time&Attendance control. In 1990 the company was formed into "Synel-Group". Today "Synel" is a corporated enterprise (brokers' board,Tel Aviv),which branches are located in Israel, England, Canada and Germany.

"Synel" is a leader in the world market of high tech engeneering and producing Access Control System and Time Attendance Control System. The firmware produced by the company allows to use it in the companies with staff of 20 or 20 000 employees independently.
"Synel" Co. works in the following directions:
  - Time Attendance Control
  - Employees Access Managing and Control
  - Cost of Operations Accounting
  - Planning and Managing Production Control
The company's products have an international certificates of quality ISO 9001, CE and are certified in Russia.
In 2002 the company became the member of International Standard Organisation(ISO).The company's Research and Development team works in the way of implementation of the new devices into production, concentrating on security and adaptability.The technical center of the company maintains On- line service support all over the world. A worldwide dealers' channel of "Synel" enables their new partners with successful cooperation and positive business. Today the dealers' channel of the company have 70 dealers in more than 40 countries.

"Synel" drives its business in the Russian market for many years.

About "Matsushita Electric Industrial" company:
In Panasonic the view on future development of digital technologies is defind by requirements and demands of its business partners, customers and millions of users all over the world who are using its products every day. Panasonic gives the opportunity of more effective work and helps every man to use technical progress achievements.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Со, Ltd. (MEI) is famous for its trade-marks "Panasonic", "National", "Technics" and "Quasar", is a world leader in developing and producing household electronics and electronic equipment for a wide range of consumers in business and industry. The company (headquarters in Osaka, Japan) achieved 7681,6 milliards yens (61,45 milliards US dollars) in consolidated sale value last financial year finished 31 March, 2001. Matsushita stocks are quoted either in Tokio and other stock exchanges in Japan or stock exchanges in Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Francfurt, New York,Paris and Pacific stock exchange.

About "Hundure" company:
"Hundure Technology Co.,Ltd" is a leading designer and manufacturer of various multi-functioned Access Control System, Time Attendance system, Fingerscan(shape) ID system, Proximity Reader series, etc. Established in 1989, located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Hundure Technology Co., LTD has gained the confidence from their customers worldwidely owing to strong Research and Development team background, best quality control and fast delivery.
With their experience in the industry, Hundure Technology Co., LTD is capable of providing complete solutions for their customers to do project planning, hardware design, application software design, construction and maintenance.
Domestically Hundure Technology Co., LTD customers include Taiwan government's official institutes, financial business, construction, educations,companies,.. etc. On 2000 September 17, the company has been qualified by the SGS ISO 9001, and won the National Golden Merchandise Award in 2001. Hundure Technology Co., LTD is a fast growing and continue to research and launch new products to meet various customers' needs in Security industry.

About "Nitgen Co., Ltd." company:
Korean company "Nitgen Co., Ltd." is a leading worldwide producer of sensors and OEM modules for optical fingeprint recognition readers.
The eqipment of this company is used by many foreign and Russian firms to produce Fingeprint Recognition Devices for various purposes. The company provides the finished recognition devices in the form of computer "mouse" or desktop device Hamster, it also produces different biometric door locks and biometric terminals of Access Control.

About "Evermedia" company:
Korean company "Evermedia Co., Ltd." produces recognition of the person on the iridescent shell of an eye cameras (Iris cameras), the company has some worldwide patents and inventions and applies its own exclusive algorithm of matching and determination of Iris code. "Palmco Ind. Co., Ltd." is a distributor of the company in Korea.

About "OTI" company:
"On Track Innovations, Ltd."(Israel) designs, develops and markets microprocessor-based smart card products using contactless technology. All the products of the company are based on a common platform established on the company's patents and proprietary technology. The platform consists of smart cards, readers, application development software, and a communication technology that ensures secure, reliable communication from end to end. The company produces a wide variety of smart cards and read\write high speed readers.
The company OTI:
  - the most advanced, use-proven, reliable technology is used.
  - Applies the mordern operating system supports up to 16 independent virtual applications on board
  - Providing complete solutions and components.
  - Unique intellectual property, patents and know-how across the value chain
  - Invaluable experience in ID and authentications based solutions.
  - A reliable operation of equipment are ensured by ISO 9000v.2000 standard of quality.
  - Member of the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14443 committee
  - Products are UL and FCC certified.
  - High security and encoding are used.
  - Made in the USA.
  - Uses fast data rate transmission.
  - Support of biometric application.
  - Single chip and Operating System supports both contact and conactless operations.

OTI Credentialing and Identification System:
OTI offers various kind of comprehensive, secure, reliable and contactless credentialing and identification system.Personal identification on contactless smart credential(cards, key fob or any other device) is easily combined with contactless readers to authenticate access and secure information sources..

Electronic passport of OTI company:
The book cover of electronic passport is designed for virtually seamless integration with existing passport production procedures. The consumers of mordern contactless Operating System are Israel Government, the company and some other clients.
The OTI solution is based on the experience of OTI as the provider of the front- end solution, cards, readers and related software to the border between Israel and Gaza strip using biometrics and contactless technologies and the conactless biometric solution for registered travelers in operation at Liberty Airport in Newwark, New Jersey.

About "IDmicro" company:
"IDmicro Inc."(USA) is a producer of RFID tags, readers, software for Systems of transport, containers, cargoes, luggage etc. identification.
Tags and readers operate at the frequency of 2.4 GHz and maintain reading assurance of 75 tags at the distance of 45 metres. The company offers SDK to create self applications functioning with equipment.

About "Siemens" company:
"Siemens" is one of the large and more succesful electrotechnical concern in the world. "Siemens" is one of some companies driving its business in Russia for more than one-and-a-half centuries; an international activity of later world-famous concern started exactly from Russian market.

"Siemens" is famous for its traditions and at the same time for its innovations in different kinds of business. The subjects of company are communication and informatics, automatization and management of manufacture, transports and power engineering; providing the solutions of medical equipment.

The various kind of products and services offered by"Siemens" at Russian market allow to realise complex solutions in modernization of Russian enterprises' infrastructure. "Siemens" consolidates more than 1 500 employees or 3 500 companies including branches and joint ventures. "Siemens" is one of the leading suppliers of products, service and complex solutions in modernization of key Russian industries and is present at 30 regions of Russia. Having realized a lot of succesful projects "Siemens"
presents a significant unit is necessary for an implementation of worldwide technological achievements to Russia and real participation of Russia in world economy. In 2003"Siemens" celebrated 150 anniversary of its presence in Russia.
Concern "Siemens AG" exists in 192 countries and consolidates more than 420 thousands of employees.
In Russia "Siemens" functions in all traditional directions of its activities. The employees' staff of Russian "Siemens" exceeds 1 500 persons, the current capital achieved 1.15 milliards EURO last financial year.

Today "Automatization and security of buildings" department is the largest developer and producer of practically all kinds of equipment and solutions for Sequrity system and Automatization of buildings servival system.
Today SBT department including well-known Swiss companies Cerberus AG and Landis&Staefa AG has two devisions - FIS-SES (Complex Security System) and BAU-HVP (Automatization of Buildings servival system). The association of these activities within the frame of one departament gives the opportunity to design Complex System of building managing, design basis of "intellectual" construction. SBT department provides russian customers with products, systems and services which can support to achieve sizeable reduction of maintenance costs and considerable rise of comfort and security level of employees labour activity. The technical solutions of SBT span the complete life cycle of a building, from project planning and operation to renovation
Morden technical solutions allow to solve the problem concerned witn security maintenance in various kinds of applications e.g. nuclear power station and pharmaceutical plant, "hot" shop and floor space with high moisture , high-rise buildings and separated facilities allocating on the grand area by means of one element base along with minimal inputs and high profitability. Regardless of size of facility and its function systems modular architecture gives an opportunity to complete the system by "Customer" order and integrate it with existing equipment and conditions. At the same time a flexibility of the system allows to adapt them to current requirements of security, to extend the working system without considerable outlays of time and resources.

SBT departament offers their customers a complete range of solutions and services connected with implemention of complex building managing systems: engineering of systems, delivery of equipment, setup and after-sale service of installated systems.

Typical applications of SBT projects:
  - Building management systems and related equipment for controlling heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system
  - Fire protection and gas alarms
  - Electronic security solutions and equipment for intrusion protection, identification and access control, and video surveillance
  - Facility management
  - Performance contracting

The wide range of technical hardware and flexible modular constructions permit to solve the problem of security and managing of engeneering systems in different establishments. Particularly such establishments as shopping centre at Manejnaya square, shopping exhibition centre "Gostiniy Dvor" and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, "Hermitage" museum, Russian museum and Konstantinovskiy palace in Saint-Peterburg, branches of Central bank and Sberbank of Russian Federation, embassies, nuclear power station, oil-and-gas enterprises and many other.
Products of SBT departament are certified practically in all regions of the world including Russia. All the rights to realization of different activities of our specialists are assured by all the nesessary licenses according to the laws of Russian Federation.

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